Deck Tech: Kolento’s Legendary Paladin

Kolento recently bagged the top spot for EU’s Legendary rank, and he did not do it with an aggro deck, but with a more midrange/control archetype.

For most people, the road to Legendary can take the whole month, if not more. That’s the clock Hearthstone players face, and the road is long and fraught with peril.

Legend-running can be hard, but people are already getting used to the game built this way. Kolento was one of the first pro players to reach Legendary this month, and he did not do it with last season’s meta favorites like Freeze Mage or even Zoo. He did it with Paladin, and its not even close to a Shockadin.

Kolento’s midrange Paladin favors tempo-based answers to early threats (Elven Archer and Harvest Golem), establishes board and life control thanks to taunt minions and a little healing, then finishes the game off with hard to kill fatties like Sunwalker and Tirion Fordring.

First, the decklist:


As you can see, the deck is not that expensive to build, considering this falls into the control-based archetype. Tirion is your only Legendary, with lone copies of Big Game Hunter and Lay On Hands. Breaking down the deck further, it actually looks like its a jack-of-all-trades kind of deck. This type of swiss-knife style of deck must have decision-making on a different level, since you must judge if a threat demands an immediate answer or not.

The deck, however, still has some staple cards in the Paladin suite: Equality to combo with Consecration, Aldor Peacekeeper for threatening minions, and Hammer Of Wrath for a touch of direct damage. As with any Paladin deck, Knife Juggler combos pretty well with your Hero Power, while Wild Pyromancer helps to even out the odds against swarm decks with AoE.

The tech of the deck really doesn’t lie in one single card. It’s actually¬†more of the collection of singular cards (barring Tirion, of course). Each single card has a specific purpose in the deck, be it to heal, deal damage, destroy a minion, buff minions, or draw cards. It really takes a lot of thought before executing a play with a single card, and while the chances of drawing that one single card you need might be slim, the deck puts together a decent Taunt wall to keep you alive long enough to secure said card.

It takes a bit of strategy to play a swiss-knife deck like this, and is not really for everyone. The subtle combos are there, and can double up the singular card in terms of use. One such combo is Aldor Peacekeeper + Stampeding Kodo to take out something like a Ragnaros that’s happily burning your face.

You can watch more of Kolento on his Twitch channel here.


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