10 familiar characters you meet in Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard was generous enough to give out Technical Alpha invites for lucky gamers across the pond and twenty8HQ got one! Before we dive into the whole thing, let’s check out some of the familiar faces you’ll encounter in this awesome game! Blizzard describes Heroes of the Storm as a “team brawler”. As such, you and four other people form a team and duke it out on one of several maps, each with its own unique set of objectives, along with rewards and penalties for those who meet or fail said tasks. Blizzard also banked on its game franchises to give you familiar characters to use against the opposing team. Get ready to rumble, and prepare yourself for the opposition you’re about to face!

1. Diablo


The Lord of Destruction itself makes an appearance in this game, as part of the Warrior class, which is Heroes-speak for a melee tank, able to withstand direct attacks from minions and opposing heroes alike thanks to its high health. Diablo likes to be in the thick of things, usually initiating a player kill thanks to his abilities.

2. Tyrael


From D1 to D3 and now Heroes, Tyrael flies off from the world of Sanctuary into the Nexus as one of the playable heroes in the game. Like Diablo, Tyrael is a frontline fighter and is able to bolster your allies in combat. When Tyrael falls in battle, his aspect detonates after a short period, dealing damage in an area.

3. Valla the Demon Hunter


The Demon Hunter from Diablo 3 has been given a name for Heroes. Valla is part of the Assassin classes, able to deal damage at range. She builds up her attack speed and damage the more she’s in battle, and is able to escape quickly should things turn south. She can also unleash Shadow Beasts that stun and damage enemies.

4. E.T.C.


The Elite Tauren Chieftain is a well-known figure in the World of Warcraft mythos, and is the embodiment of rock. Getting in and out of combat is easy for E.T.C., since he can Power Slide and Stage Dive. As a Warrior class, E.T.C. can get into pretty heavy situations, which is why the Tauren hero has a healing ability in the form of a Guitar Solo.

5. Malfurion


The Druid hero from World of Warcraft also joins the battle as a Support hero, able to replenish health and mana to allies. Malfurion can also help with Takedowns by rooting an enemy in place, allowing his allies to rush in and take an opponent down quickly. While Malfurion’s skills are mostly for healing, the hero can dish out a bit of damage by calling down Moonfire and channeling the Twilight Dream.

6. Illidan


Where Malfurion is, his brother Illidan isn’t far behind. The Night Elf is an Assassin, able to quickly come in and deal massive damage before getting out before the enemy has a chance to retaliate. Illidan is a hunter, and can mark an opponent for a hunt, greatly increasing his movement and attack speeds. He can alternatively turn into his Demonic Form, which is a fearsome sight for unprepared enemy heroes.

7. Tassadar


The great Protoss hero from the StarCraft franchise returns from his noble sacrifice to aid the battles raging in the Nexus. Tassadar is a Support hero, shielding allies from damage thanks to his psionic gifts, while summoning storms of energy that rip opposing minions apart. Tassadar can turn into an Archon, able to deal damage in an area, which is perfect for clearing the path to the enemy’s base.

8. Raynor


One of the iconic humans in the StarCraft series, Jim Raynor takes the fight to the Nexus, and is the starter character players will use in tutorial mode. Raynor is an Assassin, dealing damage at range while boosting his allies’ fighting abilities. He can knock enemies back and can call in his battlecruiser Hyperion for an air strike.

9. Kerrigan


The fallen human and Queen of Blades from the StarCraft games is an Assassin hero this time around. True to her monicker, Kerrigan can summon bladed tendrils from the ground to ensnare and damage her foes. This hero is a valuable asset to any team, as she can prevent enemy heroes from fleeing, taking them straight to her deadly embrace.

10. Nova


The StarCraft Ghost hero is a boon to allies and a fearsome sight to enemies–if they are able to see her at all. Nova embodies the Assassin at range: cloaked when not in combat, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver massive damage to valuable–and vulnerable–targets. She is a fragile character, and is one of the more difficult heroes in the game to master, but her damage-dealing ability far outweighs her low armor and health when used effectively.
Check out the official website if you want to opt in the game when beta testing starts!

We’ve also done a Heroes of the Storm Media Party! I join my Sodium Sessions co-host Katipunan Cowboy and the guys behind Will Work 4 Games and Gadget Pilipinas, as well as some friends in some Versus Mode mayhem!


One thought on “10 familiar characters you meet in Heroes of the Storm

  1. James

    Wow. Diablo looks quite a bit different in Heroes than he does in D3. In D3 he’s a lot more skinny it seems like, a lot devilish/carapace like? Whatever though, looks like a fun game. I will definitely be playing it! Good post, btw.

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