Deck Tech: Lordcru’s Legend Druid

A new Hearthstone season is upon us, and this time, we’d like to feature a deck that was able to gain Legendary last season and hopefully this season, too. The best part is that it was made by a Filipino!

Hearthstone is an international game. The more people play and the more tournaments are held, more and more recognition is thrown to players from beyond the West. This installment of Deck Tech features Lordcru‘s Legend-ranking Druid deck. He made it last season, and is–more importantly–a long-time member of the local Hearthstone Facebook community. Lordcru, or Dennis, plays a variant of Token Druid.

Here’s his decklist:


Token Druid is one of the more popular archetypes for the class early last season. Like any control deck, Token Druid stalls the opponent’s board development with early minions like Argent Squire, Faerie Dragon, and Harvest Golem, combined with Wrath. The deck then shifts gears during the midgame, dropping a Violet Teacher and triggering its ability with cheap spells like Power of the Wild and even Innervate into something big, like a Druid of the Claw or Azure Drake.

The deck tries to finish the game with a massive army of Student tokens buffed up with Savage Roar + Force of Nature. Incidentally, two copies of the classic Druid finisher are included, so this means that using the combo as a form of burst threat removal is an option.

We would like to point out the inclusion of Faerie Dragon in the deck. We believe that the Dragon is a great choice in the current meta because of its ability to be immune to spells. Other than a souped-up Blizzard, a Doomsayer that procc’d, or a Flamestrike, a Freeze Mage has no other way to deal with this minion, for example. Control Warriors need to ram something into it, or sacrifice a durability on their Fiery War Axe. Miracle Rogues can’t S:I7 Agent it, and have to resort to their Fan of Knives or some other direct removal. EDIT: Apparently, S:I7 Agent can target the Dragon all right, but will need something to combo with so the Agent’s ability will trigger. An early Dragon will still pose problems for a Miracle Rogue.

We got to briefly chat with Dennis on his strategies against the more popular decks on his way to Legendary:

Against Miracle Rogue, you want to save your Swipes for the opponent’s Gadgetzan Auctioneer and take an aggressive stance. Getting the Rogue into lethal damage (14 health) is key to this matchup.

Against Handlock decks, you would want to keep him above 15 health until you’re sure you have lethal next turn. Again, being a little more aggressive is the key to this matchup. If the Warlock is hovering at around 15 health, one Life Tap is all it takes for the Molten Giants to drop and it’s going to be harder to control the board at that point.

For the Zoo/Shockadin/Aggro matchups, dig for your early minions. Argent Squire, Harvest Golem, and Faerie Dragon will force the Aggro player to expend resources to deal with these minions. This is typically where your Force of Nature can work in helping you retake board control. The Violet Teacher combo (Teacher + cheap spells + coin if you have it) is a must for this match.

For the Freeze Mage match, dig for your Faerie Dragons and be wary of the Doomsayers. The drakes increase your Swipe damage, which is important for breaking the Ice Block before the opponent’s ninth turn. If you need to use one Force + Roar combo to do this, do it. Save the Ancient of Lore for after the opponent puts down Alexstraza for the heal.

Against Control Warrior, you want to take the role of aggressor and try to keep his armor to a minimum. Remove the Armorstmiths ASAP so the opponent won’t gain too much value from it. Faerie Dragons and the Teacher combo are your most important tools to win in this match.

We’d like to congratulate Dennis on his Legendary rank and wish him another Legendary this season! He also gave us permission to feature his deck in the upcoming episode of Sodium Sessions, so be sure to check that out once we’ve released it. We hope we won’t make his deck look bad!


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