F2S: Tsafy’s Legendary Shaman

Welcome to Free 2 Stone (F2S), a new subsection of my Hearthstone segment! In F2S, we’ll feature decks that are relatively easy to put together, dust-wise, and what upgrades you can swap in. Let’s start things off with one of my now-favorite classes: Shaman!

Shaman‘s Overload mechanic may be a little difficult to play with when you’re starting out, but the benefits are great. You get good value for these Overload cards and the mechanic forces you to think ahead in terms of mana management for the next 2-4 turns.

Trump and Tsafy have both achieved Legendary rank last season with Shaman decks. And surprisingly, both have used budget decks! By definition, a budget deck is a deck that takes very little dust to craft, with the most important components being rares (100 dust) and an epic or two (400 dust each). That said, it will be hard to classify Gaara’s Semi-Budget Ramp Druid a true budget deck because it has so many epics that significantly increase the total crafting cost of the deck.

That said, here is Tsafy’s Shaman deck. It took him to Legendary rank, and only needs 2,060 dust to craft!


If you’ve been playing a while, but still lack most of the legendaries and epics, this deck is one of the better budget decks out there. There is no tech, and no fancy gimmicks. It’s just a solid deck built around Shaman’s strengths (board presence, removal, AoE, burst potential).

This is a step up from the basic Shaman deck. As you progress in the game, you will notice you’re getting more gold. If you play Arena, you can turn that gold into cards you can dust to you can craft the rares needed for this deck. The Shaman staples, namely Earth Shock, Lightning Bolt, and Lightning Storm are your first crafts if you’re looking to just focus on building this deck. If you like playing with other decktypes, then feel free to start work on the neutral cards first, especially Defender of Argus and Azure Drake. These cards will find a place in just about any control/midrange deck, as well as a few aggro decks.

The major hurdle in this deck is Doomhammer. As an epic, it will take you 400 dust to craft. That can take a while unless you’re really lucky to pull a golden Gruul from a pack (sorry Gruul, but no one currently needs you right now). You can always substitute Doomhammer with a Bloodlust to increase your burst potential or to have your totems clear the way for your finisher. However, Doomhammer fills in a key role of midgame controller, thanks to the windfury and potential to burst with Rockbiter Weapon. Just be sure to be wary of an opponent’s Acidic Swamp Ooze or Harrison Jones when using the hammer.

When you get to the point where you’re looking at the possibility of crafting Legendary cards (1,400 dust), then it’s time to upgrade to achieve the deck’s full potential.

Al’akir the Windlord is a great addition to the deck! The Shaman Legendary has a decent stat spread, great abilities, and fulfills dual roles. He can clear the board as soon as he hits it, thanks to his ChargeDivine Shield and Windfury. More devastating is his ability to end the game early, thanks to a double Rockbiter Weapon. Al’akir can take the place of your Doomhammer or one of your Argent Commanders.

Bloodmage Thalnos is also a great Legendary to put into the deck, taking the place of one Argent Squire or an Argent Commander, depending on how comfortable you are with the early or late aspects of the game. His abilities have long been sought by many a control player, with that added Spell Power damage oftentimes spelling the difference between a 1-point-shy-of-lethal and a clean Lightning-Bolt-to-the-face win.

For a more in-depth discussion on card choices and match-ups, check out Tsafy’s article here.

If you want to have a Hero featured in the site, let me know! Contact info is here.


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